Eye Accessories Policy

By purchasing Eye Accessories from us you are agreeing that:

You understand and acknowledge that eye accessories are not classified as medical devices and are governed by the EU Cosmetics Ophthalmologist, they are only considered suitable for those with normal healthy eyes who can confirm all statements below to be true and accurate.

You are over the age of 16

You confirm that you have been given comprehensive clear advice and instruction on fitting, wearing and removal and care of coloured eye accessories by an Optician, Optical Dispenser or Medical Practitioner prior to using these colour eye accessories.

You confirm that coloured eye accessories are not for use by persons who suffer/are suffering from:

  • Any eye infections (e.g. Conjunctivitis)
  • Any corneal condition (e.g. Keratitis)
  • Any allergic eye conditions (e.g. Hay Fever)
  • Any chronic eye conditions (e.g. Glaucoma)
You confirm that you will use these colour eye accessories for cosmetic colour change purposes only.
You confirm that sharing  eye accessories can cause eye infections.
You confirm that you should not sleep whilst wearing coloured eye accessories.
You confirm that you should not wash your eyes with water whilst wearing coloured eye accessories.
You confirm that you should not wear eye accessories for longer than 8 hours at one time.
You confirm that you will read the instructions clearly and follow the guide for safe wearing, removal and care of your new colour eye accessories
You will immediately remove your colour eye accessories if you experience any undue irritation, discomfort, excess watering or redness of eye
You confirm that you understand the need for regular periodic check-ups with an eye care practitioner
You will dispose of the eye accessories after one single use unless purchasing 30 day or 60 day wear eye accessories
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